It is Well with my Soul

From the Records of Internments
at St. John's Catholic Church, Clinton

**The following is a list of African-Americans who lived at or descendend from men and women of Poplar Hill on His Lordship's Kindness.There are far more entries in the record books, but for the purposes of this web site, the following names were selected for posting. The original records are held at St. John's Catholic Church in Clinton, Prince George's County, Maryland. The date reflects the recorded date of death and burial, name, age, and cause of death as recorded, when listed.

1892 - January 23-25
Henry Brown, Surratts, age 60 years

1895, December 11-13
Andrew Jackson, Surratts, age 45 years

Daniel Shorter, Surratts, age 69 years
Died of old age

Mary Brown, Surratts, age 72
Died - congestion of lungs

1903, April 19-22
John Brown, age 90
Died of Pneumonia

1905, March 5-9
Isaac Brown, Clinton, 49 years
Died of Bright's Disease

1905, November 4-7
Henrietta Brown, Poplar Hill, about 80 years
Died of paralysis

1908, March 21-23
Henrietta Holiday, Clinton, age 84 years
Died of old age

1915, September 7
William Brown, Clinton, age 67
Died of Paralysis

1923, Nov. 6-9
Patsy Brown, age 92 years
Died of old age



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